The Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (ASPASA)

Who is ASPASA?

The Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (ASPASA) is a voluntary membership, private sector producers association. Aspasa is a member of the Chamber of Mines, but represents those companies that are in the business of producing aggregate and sand and is better known for operating quarries, sand pits and crushing operations. Aspasa stands on its own, even though a member of the Chamber.


15-18 September 
Johannesburg Expo Centre


GAIN - 2014 - BRUSELLS - Executive Summary

The meeting facilitated very open exchanges of experiences and ideas. The discussions revealed that the industry faces similar challenges across the globe, but the various regions have devised different approaches and solutions.

These notes to try capture the associated gems of wisdom, and include some voluntary recommendations (in italics) for GAIN members to implement as they see fit. All agreed on the advantages of ongoing regular GAIN communications, and there was consensus on the desirability of holding the next GAIN meeting in 2016. read more...

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